Colline di Luce


Hire a dream worth living!

Welcome to Colline di Luce!

We are nestled in the stunning Prosecco Hills.
Here, we invite you to be yourself, to live with simplicity, discovering our territory, cooking, and wining…
Learning our food, nourishing your soul.
We are locals, and together we will guide you through the territory, through the changes of season, through the cycles of  life in the Prosecco Hills.

We are a community sharing a garden of love among this magical space that is so precious to us!

Open the door, open the window of our Colline di Luce!

Cooking classes in the Prosecco hills and more

Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, a culinary experience, or something to get your tasting bubbles going…. the Colline of Prosecco has the answer.
All just an hour and a half away from Venice… It couldn’t be simpler.
It’s time for you to find your place, in our territory.

Cooking Classes

Let's cook regionally, and unfold the world of fresh pasta, or....Why not help me to design your unique menu?
We will spend the day cooking and bubbling!

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Food Prosecco Cycle

Let's live all different activities according to your passion. You can cycle, you can hike through the prosecco hills, visiting the best cantine and their exquisite prosecco. Discover the food at one of our cooking classes, feel immersed in nature.

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Stay with us

You can select the idyllic countryside of San Pietro di Feletto. Hills and hills of vines and bicycles crossing by…
Or you can be romantic and lose yourself by finding your real self in Venice.
Either way, we will show you the way. We will guide you to this magical part of the world.
Come and LIVE the PROSECCO HILLS and  VENICE with us.

The Prosecco Hills

Romantic Sandstone Apartment in the Prosecco Hills. You are here to live the uniqueness of this region! Pack your dreams and spritz away!

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Venezia – Island of Lido

Living Venezia…. In search for the perfect moment in time. Welcome to the magical city of Venice. The Island of Lido di Venezia awaits for you.

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Celebrate your life

Reinvent, live the forbidden! Get Married, get single, open a pandora box.
Celebrate with difference!

Birthdays and memories

Time to celebrate that mile stone. Time to plan a memorable birthday, and adventure with friends and family, a trip to mark time. To define time.

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Get married

Small bijou weddings are back in vogue. It’s all about you, without any rules and old ceremonies.

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Luciana Sampogna would like to thank the support of our dearest sponsors, the international press, and businesses, who have been part of our lives since 1998.
We have grown side by side because we were with the best in the world!

’Colline di Luce invites you to be yourself, to live with simplicity, and to be in touch with the earth, with who you really are'

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