Colline di Luce

Get married

Small bijou weddings are back in vogue. It’s all about you, without any rules and old ceremonies.

An intimate wedding with less than 25 guests, it’s usually cheaper and more relaxed.

The planning process becomes as simple as going for a holiday, planning with the same emotion and feel of visiting a place that will stay with you forever. In the same time, you will be saying I do with friends, and family, right here, in the prosecco hills.

The advantage of using Colline di Luce:
Protected by Unesco, San Pietro di Feletto is a little gem, hidden between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.
We are locals, we have people in the country ready to help you to make your dream a reality. From the perfect locations to stay, to small details such as flowers and catering. All can be arranged.
The Veneto region is well known for the best wine: from the Prosecco Hills to the red from the Valpolicella, grappa from Bassano to name a few.
We are close to all the best Italy has to offer: Venezia, Verona, Cortina D”Ampezzo. Relatively speaking we are an hour to an hour and a half from dream places.
Luciana has lived and run Cucina Italiana in Sydney for 25 years. Making your dream a reality, understanding what you have in mind, and looking after your values have been part of Luciana’s life back in Sydney. Living the real Italy now is simply a new reality ready to take off.
Understanding the Australian way and doing “I DO “ in Italy can be simple. Can be just what you dreamed of.
All legal practices and ceremonies can be arranged. All kinds of dreams are achievable. You just have to say YES.

If you want to level up your celebrations to the highest point of your life, get packing, and suitcases ready…be unique, be you.

• Make your wedding last longer than a day, as you are holidaying with your friends and family.
• Select hotels, and farmhouses, rent a home… All can be easily made if you have someone local.
• Plan adventure, activities with your guests like visiting a Cantina, riding horses, riding bikes with locals, visiting Venezia or Verona, skiing in Cortina during the winter, or visiting these magical places during the summer.
• Organize a cooking class with Luciana, and visit the best small osterie e trattorie.
• Make your wedding spiritual, and create a sense of belonging.
• Be part of a community, create what your heart is telling you.

I am here, I am ready to make it all happen… so contact me today!
Luciana x